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Intellectual’s Manifesto

Unlike contemporary intellectualsI don’t desire to transcend society or my humanityBut to better understand the former and refine the latter.No amount of contemplation will change what we are.Better to look at the light and go blindThan live blind pretending to bathe in sunshine~James Revels III~

Milligram of Wisdom

Figure out your destinationBegin building bridgesYou might have to burn a fewBut fallen ash is a milligram of wisdom ~James Revels III~

Human, All to Human

One day while out in the town of Ecce Homo,I heard a sermon of the prophets of Zarathustra,They preached of a superman, a type of man that will rise beyond good and evil.I heeded their word, trained with them following every precept of the gay science.On conclusion of the last lesson they proclaimed “At last […]